Fans cry out as Mr Ibu dresses up as a woman in dance battle with daughter (Video)

Nollywood actor John Okafor better known as Mr Ibu has been living his best life since his recovering from food poisoning.

The veteran has become more active on social media and has been serving us cute father-daughter moment with his daughter.

Taking to Instagram, Mr Ibu shared a TikTok video of him and his daughter playing dress up.

The legendary actor dressed up as a woman as he was seen wearing a yellow gown with a jeans skirt. He also had on a wig and heavy make-up.

The veteran looked ridiculous in the outfit as the two showed off their new dance moves.

The video has since caused a stir among his fans. While some drooled over the bond between the two, others pointed out how the legendary actor was slowly becoming an internet meme.


One Finebo Nachi wrote, “This girl is turning our legend to something else

One Mcculture wrote, “Why is she doing this to our legend??

Calling for his daughter arrest, one Sir Owen jnr wrote, “Make them arrest this girl see what you are making daddy do

One Icekid official wrote, “How can I explain to my kids that this is my Role model

One Thelma Vee wrote, “Daddy daughter vibez….I love the bond some of us never got the chance

One Hormowunmiii wrote, “Thank God say this Mr Ibu no be woman cuz who go date her

One Savage Ghost wrote, “Like father like daughter

One pretty nice wrote, “Hahahahaha man of the year

One Endure Lord wrote, “Indeed pure comedy daddy, God bless you for what you’ve always done sir

One Chichi Eb wrote, “This man just duplicated himself in his daughter

One Annie Mirandy wrote, “Which kind papa and pikin bi this Guad…my spinal chest”.

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