Exclusive: Finally! Anita Joseph opens up on the age difference between herself and hubby, MC Fish

Curvy Nollywood actress Anita Joseph married to celebrity hype man, Fisayo Olagunju, popularly known as MC Fish has opened up on the age difference between both of them.

The Anambra State born movie star who doubles as a brand influencer in a brief chat with Kemi Filani said it doesn’t matter who is older or elder in marriage, as long as they are both enjoying the union.

When asked how true is it that she is married to a younger lover, Anita Joseph said, ” This is very hilarious. You know people insinuate and assume a lot. So, just because I’m plumpy and he’s slim that’s why people feel that I married a man younger than me. Well, it’s cool, we don’t care !!

Now is the age that is their problem. Some of these people who are running their mouth don’t even have a working relationship, some can’t even keep a man for two months. You people should leave me alone. If I tell you who’s older, will you credit my account.”

Asked how if her marital status is now restricting the kind of roles she accepts in movies, Anita Joseph also known as Mother Hen answered affirmatively.

She said, “Sure but a bit. I avoid over romantic roles. Even before I got married,  I don’t do deep kiss naah. I don’t.”

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