Excitement as veteran Mama Rainbow releases her memoir

Veteran actress, Idowu Phillips better known as Mama Rainbow has released her memoir.

The actress has joined the list of celebrities with autobiography.

Taking to Instagram, the legendary actress announced the launch of her book, The Goldsmiths Daughter. The memoir gives fans a glimpse of the life of the legend.

“Goldsmith daughter you can get it all over the book shops”.

Iya Rainbow isn’t the only actress with a book to her name.

Laide Bakare set to launch book

KFN reported that Laide Bakare was set to drop a new book in response to those questioning her source of wealth following her surprising all-of-a-sudden luxury lifestyle.

Bragging about the new move on her Instagram page, Laide Bakare wrote

“Thank you is Not Enough. But I promise To write A Book About how it All started from Beginning Till Now, And Teach your children how To make Legitimate decisions on Money Making within 6 months. May God make IT A reality.”

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