Saoty Arewa, popular Islamic musician welcomes baby girl

The birth of a new baby comes with celebration. The celebration is meant for the family (father, mother), relations, friends and well wishers. The birth of a new child means a lot to a community in that it brings about continuity. It allows a community or society to move on.

This is the present state of popular Nigerian Islamic musician known as Saoty Arewa. Churning out great songs for over a decade, Saoty Arewa has endeared himself to the hearts of Muslims located in the South Western part of Nigeria. Mention that Muslim gathering, Saoty Arewa’s song will surely be played.

Today, Wednesday, April 7, the musician took to his social media to announce the safe delivery of his wife. It is a baby girl. Here is the post he made this morning.

Fans, well-wishers have joined the musician in celebrating the birth of his new daughter. Here are some posts made.

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