There is always light at the end of the tunnel, if only we can be patient and be hard-working. Virtually everyone wants to become successful in life but only a pocket of people can stand the heat. Life is designed with so many hurdles that everyone needs to pass before crossing to the bright side. Nothing good comes easily, no matter how small or big it is.

Comedian Egungun

An instagram comedian, Kuye Adegoke Jeffery, popularly known as Egungun has shared an inspiring story of how he finally became a landlord after many people sent him away from squatting with them. Kuye Adegoke is a 300 level student of the University of Lagos. He combined his education with a couple of side hustles as a dancer, comedian, dance choreography instructor amongst others.

The face behind the veil

Kuye Adegoke wasn’t born with a silver spoon. In fact, he reveals during an interview with JustUmagazine, that ‘my mum left my dad when I was four years old, this was probably because my dad didn’t have much financially. So, she left me and my elder brother, roughly twenty-one years ago and now I’m twenty five…’

“…Growing up for I and my brother was hellish. So, basically, I could say I didn’t have a childhood, because my step mum took it from me. And if I was to see my mum presently I would doubt her identity. I would not know what she looked like”.

However, when he became an adult, he decided to double up his hustle to become someone in life. He discovered his talent as a dancer and he started using social media platforms to showcase his ability. His videos went viral on social media and in turn, he gets gigs.

Later, he became a comedian and started acting like a masquerade (egungun) in the wake of the ‘Egungun be careful’ trend. He decided to utilize the opportunity. Fortunately for him, he became an internet sensation and celebrities reached out to him. One of the celebrities who called him was, Zlatan Ibile. He invited him to his house and they did some things together.

How he started building his house.

watch the video below;

he journey has not been totally easy for him since he started but he was patient and hard-working. He had improvised so many times, especially whenever his style doesn’t trend anymore. He has finally reached a milestone in his life. He shared a video of the 5-bedroom apartment he just built for himself few hours ago.

The 5-bedroom apartment he built for himself.

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