Breaking: Veteran Actor Yinka Ogundaisi Dead (Details)

Veteran actor Yinka Ogundaisi has been buried in Oyo State.

The Village Headmaster actor, who died on Wednesday morning at the Lagos State University Teaching Hospital, was buried on the evening of the same day in Ibadan.

He died this morning and was buried this evening,” Ewenla told The PUNCH.

When asked if the deceased was a Muslim, the actor replied, “Well, I’m not sure but his daughter told me that they’ve moved him to Ibadan for burial. He died in LUTH this morning.”

Speaking on Yinka’s illness, he said: “I’m not sure I know the proper diagnosis. He has been bedridden for years now. I don’t know the proper diagnosis. I’m not a medical doctor.”

Aside from acting, he was also a writer and director of films and TV and radio programmes.

He was the next actor to play the legendary

Sango in the film Oba Koso after the late Duro Ladipo.

He was credited with resuscitating and repackaging the longest-running Yoruba TV programme Feyikogbon.

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