Blossom Chukwujekwu’s ex-wife offered 350k per night for hookup in VGC, she reacts

Maureen Esisi, the ex wife of Nollywood actor, Blossom Chukwujekwu through her Instagram page has revealed the recent offer she got from a fan.

Although the social media Influencer and fashion designer laughed off the hook up offer, she wondered why someone would send her such a message which reads; “Hello beautiful. Good morning. I have a friend of mine who stays in VGC that would like to have you over (depends on when you’re free). He’s offering 350k per night for 3-4 nights but depends on how long you can stay. And a high possiblity of getting you a huge tip and so getting you spoiled. Please let me know what’s up.”

Recall that just a few days ago, Esisi apologized for her careless comment regarding the new wife of his ex.

While many were lambasting Blossom for settling down with a woman who looks older than him, some other quarters slammed his ex-wife, Maureen Esisi for losing Blossom to an older woman.

During one of those call outs, Esisi laughed out loud at those pointing accusing fingers at her for being the cause of her marriage crash.

However, her laugh comment was obviously taken out of context and some presumed she was laughing at his ex-husband’s new wife.

On that note, Maureen Esisi better known as Red tendered her unreserved apology to the new bride and further explained the misunderstanding.

She wrote: “I tried to find the actual comment where this was made and I couldn’t find it. I guess the Adamma lady must have been trolled enough to go look for her comment and take it down. It’s EXTREMELY important to me that i clear the Air cos really, no bride should go through such EVER. I actually had to reach out to a blog to see if they got the full munch but that was how it was munched by them.”

“But pls I still must clarify this. The “hahahahhahahaha” comment was meant for one of those two comments under that comment and not the adamma’ comment. Someone had called me all sorts of horrible names and I had at-ed the person and commented the “hahahahahahahaha” but I guess I didn’t double check it before posting my comment so it got posted without the person’s handle making it look like I was replying adamma instead of the troll. I know I play just too much but I would NEVER EVER be that mean to anyone ever and NOONE deserves such cruelty and of all days, on their Big day. All Said, I apologize to the Lovely Bride, it was very careless of me. I’m Truly Sorry.”

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