‘Anyone that says we are one Nigeria is a big liar’ – Chioma Ifemeludike blows hot over recent crisis

Nollywood actress, Chioma Ifemeludike has added her voice to the ongoing crisis in Nigeria.

The movie star is of the opinion that due to all that the country is going through, Nigeria is no longer worth being regarded as ‘one’.

Ifemeludike via her Instagram page further stated that Nigeria is now a place soaked in the blood of innocent children, women, youths.

She also beckoned on the leaders to as a matter of urgency, do the needful and save the lives of the remaining citizens.

The Anambra State movie star wrote, “Anyone who says we are on Nigeria is just lying to themselves. Truth is, we are not even close to 2 talk more of one. The disunity, dislike and mistrust amongst us is so loud and clear that you can practically touch it. We need an honest conversation about the history and future of Nigeria.”

The actress added, “For how long do we continue like this? How can we expect growth on a foundation built on lies,greed, selfishness, injustice and hate? We must as a matter of urgency, at least for the respect of human lives and dignity, spark up a truthful conversation about the way forward outta this mess we call a society. A place soaked in the blood of innocent children, women, youths etc. Where are our traditional leaders , religious leaders and elders state-men??? We need their voices now more than ever, the voices of truth,about the future of Nigeria. Haven’t we prayed enough? Isn’t it time to speak 🗣??? Are we afraid to speak truth? Apostle Stephen was stoned to death because he spoke truth to the Jews… what then is holding our pastors with millions of followers??? What is holding our Obas, Emirs and Igwes,? Have your quest for evil money 💰 silenced you??? How many more should die before we speak up? The time is now! Truth is the only way out!!!”

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