“Any woman who has more than 1 kid for a man is already his wife” Drama as Nigerians declare Pero Osaiyemi as ‘2face Idibia’s wife’

Legendary singer, 2baba or 2face Idibia has been dragged online for having multiple babymamas.

A video which is making wave on the internet shows a man blasting his gender who are in the habit of getting women pregnant.

The man opined that any woman who has more than 1 kid for a man is no longer a babymama but a wife.

According to him, a babymama is a woman that has only one child for a man.

He avowed that any man who wants to have a babymama, should only impregnate her once but once he has multiple kids with the woman she automatically becomes his wife.

2baba got dragged into the conversation as many opined that the message if for me.

According to commenters, Pero Osaiyemi is his first wife as she has 3 kids for him.

thereal_arike : This message is for Tuface and his family

kolawokolla23 : Pero is nit just a babymama na, she’s just someone 2face didn’t marry or at least married yet. Most people parents are like that.no marriage or anything just babies

beauty_mistress : Wahali for people calling Pero babymama after 3 whole children. She go nowhere. Nah both of them get husband. Nah nosie Annie dey make

andrw2625 : Complete noise. I’m a man so I know he can’t completely unattached himself at all cause no be 1 about 3 heeh see easy like that

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