After His Vehicle Caught Fire, Femi Branch Advises People to Check Their Cars When Mechanics Return Them

Femi Branch, a popular Nollywood actor, is grateful to God for sparing his life when his car caught fire while he was driving. On his verified Instagram profile, Branch posted a video of his burned BMW automobile and detailed how the catastrophe occurred. When the incident occurred, the actor said that he had finished filming and was on his way home. He thanked the good samaritans who were on the scene to assist in putting out the fire.

Femi also advised his fans to check their cars when their mechanics return them after they have been serviced.

He wrote:

“Craziest part was I brought out my fire extinguisher and found it empty! Empty!!! Oh and by d way, Mechanic just worked on it o! Abeg Fire Extinguisher dey less by itself?! Pls check ur cars well when they come back from the mechanic!”

Check out the post below:

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