Adesua Etomi reveals why she dumped wigs for cornrows at public functions

Adesua Etomi, actress, mum of one and wife of singer, Banky Wellington, has clarified why she has been settling for simple appearances and rocking cornrows to public functions for some time now.

Adesua Etomi received knocks on social media over her ‘extremely’ casual appearance at the wedding of movie producer and director, Kemi Adetiba which was held in Lagos on Saturday, April 24, 2022.

Adesua Etomi turned up at the occasion with a naturally weaved hair into cornrows and a simple net-like kimono which can almost pass for a bathrobe or PJ, on an armless pant set designed by Mai Atafo; an appearance many of her fans did not fancy.

One Joana wrote “How will you carry corn rolls abi na all back them the call am to person wedding, Adesua I wasn’t expecting this one oo”

One Tima wrote “Maybe she is in charge of serving the drinks. She was going for the natural look but didn’t do it. Not the time and place. Her hair is a mess, her dress is too casual… how do you attend a wedding looking like that, a woman of her status”

Now defending her appearance, Adesua Etomi via Instagram moments ago explained that she is holding it down for simple girls.

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