A tweet recently made the rounds on social media saying that women without up to N500k in their accounts did not deserve a man – Nollywood actress, Yetunde Bakare, reacted to the viral post by agreeing with it – According to the film star, a lady having her own money will save her from a lot of regrettable decisions

Popular Nollywood actress and social commentator, Yetunde Bakare, recently agreed with a viral tweet on social media that ladies who did not have a certain amount of money deserved to be without a man.

A Twitter user identified as @HaYoMiDe_ had shared a post where she said that if a lady did not have up to N500k in her account, she did not deserve a man.

See the tweet below:

Yetunde Bakare explained on her own Instagram page that she totally agreed with the post and she gave her reasons.

According to her, when a lady has her own money, it would save her from a lot of regrettable decisions. She also said that she had had enough of ladies who used marriage to secure their finances because they ended up marrying people they didn’t love and cheating.

She also used the opportunity to shade ladies who were against men taking DNA tests of their kids and turning it into a fight because they were scared.

She wrote:

“I concur with my full chest because having your own money will save you from a lot of regrettable decisions enough of some lazy girls using marriage to secure financial stability… that is why they ended up marrying a guy they love not and start having extra marital affairs If dem ask for DNA now they’ll turn it to a fight and start looking for flimsy excuses Wahala for who DNA dey scare ooo”

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