Popular Nollywood star, Liz Anjorin, recently disclosed on social media that she has been trying to get a refund from a fraudster who has challenged her to do her worst.

Taking to Instagram, the entrepreneur stated that she needed to update her fans before they drag her for using her connections against someone.

Stating that it was card fraud, she said the fraudster told her to call whoever she has the power to call even though there’s nothing she can do because he has used a fake card for her.

Lizzy added that she would reveal the details of what the fraudster did, but she already has lawyers working on the case.

The businesswoman also attached a mail which showed that she complained about a debit to and delay to an official body at an airport in Canada to which she was told that the owner of the credit card she used for her visa application in 2018 cancelled the transaction for fraud reason.

“Fraudster Winnipeg in Canada said I should do my worst. I have to update you guyz before some of you fall into a fake trap of pity before you start saying, Haa, Liz wan use leg and connections ni. It’s because of this or that.”

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