Zics Aloma calls out NEPA for issuing him a bill after disconnecting his light the previous month

Skitmaker, Aloma Isaac Junior better known as Zics Aloma has called out the Power Holding Company of Nigeria (PHCN) generally called NEPA.

Taking to his Instagram story, the funnyman who recently bought himself a house and threw a lavish birthday party called out NEPA for sending a light bill to his house after disconnection varying over a month.

According to Zics Aloma, he decided to use solar to power his house however, he received double charges on his bill.

He wrote: NEPA disconnected my light the previous month and still brought more than double the previous bill the new month. The disconnection did not mean anything to them abi? Which light am I now paying for? Lekki people dey hear am o. I say make I face my solar, them still sama me bill of almost 500k despite the disconnection. Please NEPA explain this.

See the post below;

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