You Were Scared But You Still Showed Bravery- Actress, Jumoke Odetola Reacts To The Death Of Bamise

Today is International women’s day and popular actress, Jumoke Odetola aka Binta Ofege chose to celebrate Bamise, a 22-years-old lady who was found dead after boarding a BRT in Lagos.

Jummy shared a photo of her and said she had a different picture and video planned to celebrate today but what is she’s celebrating. She said Bamise was a Superhero and that she did everything right, adding that she didn’t take a lift from a stranger but took a means of transport she thought she could trust.

She stated that Bamise sensed something was amiss but she tried to reassure herself that it couldn’t happen in the government-owned bus she boarded.

In conclusion, she said, “I’m certain if you had not sent that video, so many annoying narratives would have been flying around now. A young lady with a whole life ahead of her was murdered in cold blood. Yours is a very painful loss. This could have been me. This could have been you. Bamise could have been your daughter, sister, family, and friend. I can’t begin to imagine how many lives must have been taken this way.

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