” You People Are so Used to Filter ” Actress Lota Chukwu Addresses People Who Think She is Old

Lota Chukwu is a fine actress that is blessed with a beautiful appearance, the Nollywood actress in a new tweet addresses those who think she is an old lady in a tweet that reads

” you people are so used to filter, saying that’s the only explanation why someone would repeatedly camp under my tweet to try to clown me by saying I’m getting old because I have “wrinkles”. I’m over 30, I have laugh lines, I don’t see the problem.

Many times when celebrities post images of themselves on their social media platforms, most people are carried off by the display of fascinating beauty often highlighted in their post that they fail to understand that a lot of editing are done by many celebs before they post images of themselves on their social media platforms, implying that the images are not usually what is on display.

It is good that the actress via her post tried to address those who think that because she posts her natural images on her social media platforms, and it showed certain trait such as her laughing, then it automatically means she is wrinkled and getting old, which obviously isn’t the case with her, given her explanation.

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