Renowned Yoruba actress, Bimbo Akisanya, also known as Omo Oloja, has hit out at those celebrating mothers day. The actress said before one can celebrate her mother, he must take good care of her. She said

celebrating one’s mother is not by just posting the picture to shout happy mothers day. Bimbo said the question is whether the mother is being taken good care of.

She explained that some children won’t take care of their mothers but they will just post their pictures just for eyeservice. She said a real mother is celebrated at home and not in social media space.

Fans have, however, reacted to the post. They said Bimbo made a genuine point. They opined that a mother is taken care of at home and not in social media space.

Bimbo Akisanya is a popular nollywood actress. She has acted in several movies and produced many. She is popular with the name ‘Omo Oloja’.

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