“You always give me peace and comfort” Segun Ogungbe appreciates first wife on birthday

“You always give me peace and comfort” Segun Ogungbe appreciates first wife on birthday

Actor Segun Ogungbe has penned a beautiful message in honor of his first wife, Atinuke Ogungbe’s birthday today, April 12, 2022.

Celebrating her on his Instagram page, Actor Segun Ogungbe wrote “Happy blessed Birthday to the best woman in the world. In whom am pleased, found peace and comfort @atinukeogungbe
A woman with the heart of gold and perfect definition of God’s Mercy.

I celebrate you my Queen today on your birthday and I wish you more years filled with peace, love, sound health and prosperity in Jesus name
Thanks for your love, understanding and peaceful existence.
I love you now and always Baby”

Nollynaijanews recalls that Wunmi Ajiboye and Atinuke Ogungbe, the two wives of famous movie producer, Segun Ogungbe have continually proven that it is possible to have a peaceful polygamous home.

“I have a peaceful household. God has blessed me with wives that understand each other. It is only God that can help a man have a peaceful home.

“However, for those who think that I would have about 20 wives like my uncle; all I have to say is that they should mind their business”.

It was once widely reported that the actor was married to two best friends.

But he debunked the claim, saying it was fabricated by a lady who once proposed marriage to him.

“What actually happened was that there was a lady who wanted to marry me a long while ago and I made her realise that as of that time I could not have two wives. She is not into entertainment at all and I would not want to mention names. Eventually, I got together with my second wife and when she got pregnant and we eventually got married, the lady was very mad at me.

“She was the one that went on her Facebook wall to spread the false news that I got my first wife’s best friend pregnant. She was the one that framed me simply because I did not want to marry her back then. Sadly, people are quick to believe news like this without confirming the truth,” he noted.

His wives have also debunked the story.

His first wife, Atinuke, said although no woman will be happy to share her husband, she said she and the younger wife bond together because of the common love and respect they have for their husband.

The junior wife, Omowumi Ajiboye said: “Yes we are best friends now and that’s because our husband’s happiness is our own main priority.”

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