Veteran Nollywood actress, Regina Chukwu, recently achieved a great feat with her finances – The movie star recently took to social media to show off what she was able to save in her piggy bank after a year – She encouraged fans on the importance of saving despite the economic hardship

Popular Nigerian movie star, Regina Chukwu, has proved that she can be disciplined with her finances to gain its rewards later in a new post she shared on social media. The actress who recently joined the ‘My Kolo Challenge’ on social media, gave fans the honour of seeing her break her piggy bank where she had save some money for several months.

The film star broke up the wooden box and many were in awe when she poured out its impressive content.

Regina Chukwu made it rain on her carpet as rolled up N500 and N1000 notes fell out of the wooden box. The film star said that she was able to save all those monies in the period of one year because she started it sometime in January 2020. She however did not reveal the amount she was able to gather but from indications, it was quite a lot.

In the caption of the video she wrote:

“2020 kolo challenge done $ dusted. 2021 pls be nice. Happy New Year my favourite people. Gina love you all”

See her post below:

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