Popular nollywood actress, Kabirah Kafidipe, has taken to her Instagram page on Tuesday, to celebrate the birthday of her mother. The renowned actress who posted the picture of her mother on her Instagram page said she is happy that today is her birthday. Kabirah, who described her mother as costly, showers encomiums on her for taking care of her when she was young. The nollywood actress, who has acted in Yoruba movies, said her prayer to God is to give her mother long life and God health because they took good care of her. She said, “please, give my parents a long life, good health, and always keep them under the shade of your mercy and protection.”

Fans have joined her to wish her mother well in life. They prayed for the celebrant that she will live long on the earth. Kabirah Kafidipe is a popular nollywood actress. She has acted in several nollywood movies.

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