The fantastic Yoruba actress Biodun Okeowo welcomes her daughter back from school with gift from Spedy_weightloss. This beautiful Yoruba actress Biodun Okeowo took to her social media platform, to share a video where she was seen welcoming her daughter back from school.

She welcomes her back with the gift Spedy_weightloss gave to her on her birthday. Spedy_weightloss is the brand her mother represent. So when Ifeoluwa celebrated her birthday, Spedy_weightloss gave the money cake gift to her mother to keep for Ifeoluwa, because she was still at school then. But now she has come back from school, and her mother handed over the gift to her.

Actress Biodun Okeowo share a video where she was pleading with her daughter to lend her part of the money but Ifeoluwa refused. Sharing the video, actress Biodun Okeowo wrote;

Chai @spedy_weightloss you just have to send my own cake money o. See cruise of life as this girl is ranting on her money. Even after I promised to spend and pay back o 😂.
Not my my fault o my mouth is dry ni, I need money badly 😂.
Good to see my baby I’ve missed her so much.@ogadrive always to the rescue 🙌

Watch the video below;

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