The fantastic Yoruba actress Bimpe Akintunde has taken to her social media platform, to shower praises on her colleague, actress Olatoun Olanrewaju as she celebrates her belated birthday today. This beautiful yoruba actress Bimpe Akintunde shares lovely photos of actress Olatoun Olanrewaju, as she wishes her a happy birthday.

Celebrating actress Olatoun Olanrewaju on her birthday, actress Bimpe Akintunde wrote; Barakat Olatoun Agbeke mi, Aya won nile Adekola. When I look at you, I see grace, strength, fighter, goal getter, pace setter, achiever and a winner, congratulations on your birthday my dear sister Olatoun. I celebrate your strength as a woman, a sister, a mother, a wife and a queen in her kingdom. Thank you for staying strong, thank you for enduring so much, thank you for holding on to God and hope trust me, Almighty God won’t give up on you Insha Allah. On your birthday today, I just wanna wish you all the joy in the world because you deserve the best Omo iya mi. And Almighty Allah will grant your inner most desires Insha Allah. Happy birthday my beloved sister, Mrs Adekola. Olatoun Olanrewaju remember that I gat you always and Almighty God gat us all she said. So actress Bimpe Akintunde has taken out time to celebrate her colleague, actress Olatoun Olanrewaju.

Also the celebrant actress Olatoun Olanrewaju took to her social media platform, to thank God for the gift of life. Thanking God for the gift of life, actress Olatoun Olanrewaju wrote; Yah Allah, I bless and honour you for sparing my life up till this moment. I am so overwhelmed with joy, happy birthday to me she said. Olatoun Olanrewaju is a fantastic Yoruba actress and a movie producer. Olatoun Olanrewaju is talented, skillful, creative and highly intelligent.

Olatoun Olanrewaju is one of the most talented actresses we have in the entertainment industry. Olatoun Olanrewaju has built a name for herself in the movie industry. Olatoun Olanrewaju is a versatile actress, entrepreneur, movie producer and a talented role interpreter. Some of the movies she has produced includes Omo Esu, Omo Mose, Gbanko Gbi and her latest production Omo Okuta. Olatoun Olanrewaju is no doubt a talented Yoruba actress.

Also actress Bimpe Akintunde is a fantastic Yoruba actress who has carved a niche for herself in the entertainment industry. Bimpe Akintunde has featured, scripted, directed and produced several award winning Yoruba movies. Bimpe Akintunde is one of the most talented actresses we have. Actress Bimpe Akintunde is an award winning Yoruba actress, movie producer, presenter and an MC. So happy birthday to actress Bimpe Akintunde’s colleague actress Olatoun Olanrewaju.

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