Yes! ‘I’m not into movies anymore’ Actress Biodun Okeowo finally reveals the source of her wealth

Biodun Okeowo, also known as Omoborty, a Nollywood actress, has revealed her source of income, as many people continue to wonder how she makes her money and drives the latest automobiles.
Biodun Okeowo said in an Instagram post that she isn’t even affluent, and that those who questioned her opulent lifestyle when she was suffering and riding bikes were nowhere to be seen.

Biodun Okeowo revealed that she is no longer working in film production full-time, but it is still her first love, and she has no plans to leave anytime soon because she has a few fantastic films in the pipeline.
The voluptuous actress stated that she is still an actor, businesswoman, and brand ambassador for a number of renowned companies, and that her new investment line would be launched shortly.
To clear the air, Biodun Okewo stated that she is a hardworking single mother trying to make ends meet, and that she is not affluent but comfortable.

Why do people inquire about someone’s sources of money, she wrote? Is it even true that I am affluent, ni? When someone was in pain or riding a bike, where were you people? O eti siwin o eti siwin o eti If you’re wondering if I’m no longer interested in movies, the answer is yes….
I’m still an actor, a businesswoman, and a brand ambassador for a number of well-known companies… and I’ll be introducing my new investment line in the near future.

To correct the record… I’m a hardworking single mother who is still scraping by. I’m not wealthy, but I’m content. God alone deserves all the honor.

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