Woli Arole under fire for attempting to win back fans after supporting Tinubu

Nollywood actor and comedian, Woli Arole has been called out for attempting to win his way into people’s hearts again.

The singer became a subject of criticism and heavy backlash after he declared his support for the presidential aspirant, Bola Ahmed Tinubu.

Woli who also doubles as a prophet left many infuriated and disappointed in me following his public stance.

Following the backlash, the comedian tried winning his way back into people’s hearts through giveaways.

Woli Arole took to his Instagram page to give out financial assistance to his fans and to offer another form of help to them.

“What can make you happy right now?”, He wrote.

Controversial blogger, Gistlover called him out for trying to redeem his image.

The blogger told him that doing a giveaway wouldn’t help him as he is only robbing Peter to pay Paul.

“Dear Woli doing giveaways to but people’s love back won’t help you, you are robbing peter to pay Paul collecting money from the government and doing cheap giveaways inside the money to make people leave you alone, and you won’t be left alone, you are one of the betrayers of end sars protest, so joining the end sars was for clout? God knows maybe na you dem plant for that protest to dey give them info sef, people died ontop dis protest only for you to take u turn and start campaigning for this old hags. Dear GLB nation please don’t spare this guy, the wife Yemi London too should not be spared, this guy sold beard oil, he no-sells, the small time he say God call am, now na politicians call am, Arole is full of deceit, GLB nation for the very first time, I am giving una go ahead to storm this guy page, tell him what he deserves, if na swear to give am, and to the wife that can’t control her hungry husband”.

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