Wizkid Vs Burna Boy’s Reaction To Fan Grabbing Them On Stage; Who Took The Right Action?

Fans coming from the crowd to grab a celebrity while he or she is performing on stage is becoming more regular. It does happen before, but it seems to be increasing now. Celebrities have reacted differently to the actions but we will look at that of Wizkid and Burna Boy which all happened this month.

Wizkid was in a concert in Abuja, enjoying his performance on stage while the crowd was singing along and flowing with the stage performance. A fan came out from nowhere to grab Wizkid’s leg on stage. The bouncers rush to drag the guy out but Wizkid did not let them do that. Wizkid whispered something in the guy’s ears, then the guy released his leg. They both performed the song together with joy on the guy’s face.

It happened again in Lagos. A fan climbed the stage and was dancing, then Wizkid said they should let him be, Wizkid danced along with the guy.

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