Nollywood Actress Moyo Lawal reacts to reports of looting,says there is no excuse for violence

Nollywood actress, Moyo Lawal, has described the ongoing looting across the nation as heartbreaking as she questioned when it will be enough. According to the movie star, people complain of bad behaviour but often do worse when they have the opportunity.

In her caption, she stated that most people give hunger as they excuse for their actions but aren’t ready to take birth control seriously. Lawal explained that people give birth to kids with no plans on how to raise them.

Lawal questioned when people would learn to take birth control seriously. Photo credit: @moyolawalofficial/Instagram Source: Instagram She wrote: “Doesn’t doing all this , make us worse than our oppressors? The number one excuse is always hunger , but when do we start to take birth control seriously? Like people just keep having children with no plans at all on how to raise them , then the Cycle just continues …. …. . …. ……. ….. I just don’t feel there is ever , any excuse good enough for violence , especially to people that did absolutely nothing to you.”

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