Birthdays are special because they are full of celebrations and enjoyment, it is a day when the celebrant is shown love by friends, fans, colleagues and family members. They bring gifts, post the celebrants on the social media as a way of celebrating them and so much more.

Nollywood is a very big industry with many stars and there is always someone to celebrate daily. We celebrated some yesterday, we will celebrate some tomorrow but today, one person we are celebrating is Nollywood veteran, Ireti Doyle.

Ireti who is already a grandmother is so talented that she is not only an actor, she is a presenter, director, writer and more. Ireti who has been active for over 2 decades in Nollywood was born on the 3rd of May 1967 which makes her 54 years old.

She posted a very beautiful photo of herself with a very short but powerful message saying “Go on babes, You have my permission, Enjoy your life.” Many people have responded to the post by wishing her a happy birthday.

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