Veteran Nollywood Actor,Deji Adenuga celebrate his wife 50th birthday in style

Deji Adenuga was Born in the 1960s in Lagos State, Nigeria. Deji is a Popular Nigerian Television Personality and Actor.

Deji is one of the Most Talented, Creative and Skillful Actors in Nigeria.

The actor Celebrates her wife birthday in style, the veteran actor took to his Instagram page to celebrate his wife.

Sharing the post he wrote;

Appreciation…#CllrYemiAt50It’s been so overwhelming; the greetings, wishes, prayers, the presence, the presents, support and the warmth of your love at the joyful time of my beautiful wife’s birthday. I want to express our profound appreciation to you all lovely friends and family…you’ve been so amazing, just as always. Thank you plenty! 😊😊😊🌹🌹🌹In the same breath, I want to appreciate my lovely children, Mani J. Olaniran Loretta Olaniran Aishling, for playing a huge role in the success of this celebrations. May your own children too do much more for you in Jesus name. You’re awesome ❤️🌹❤️🌹❤️And to all YAMAL TRIBES, you are all amazing. Thanks for your part in planning and executing the celebrations. Special thanks to Papa… Otolorin Laleye Allen-Taylor Adeniyi Ademokun Aderire Eyo for springing the surprise at the breakfast! To all the guests at the breakfast and the dinner, thank you so much. Again, to all of you that dipped your hands inside the pockets to support the big celebrations, BIG THANK and HUGS to you all. God bless you immensely.🌹And finally, I’ll like to say a big THANK YOU to the celebrant for making me feel so inclined to do the bits for her birthday. You also makes it easy for people who really know you to feel PROUD to connect with you. You’re such a great wonderful awesome person that I adore so much, because of what you come with and drop into my being. Ibadiaran mi, I love you always. God bless you always.❤️❤️💋💋🌹🌹#Ibadiaranoflife #Ibadiaranmi @sharingwithyemi

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