Veteran Nollywood Actor, Yemi Solade Celebrates his Son 13th Birthday Today (Video)

Veteran Actor, Yemi Solade has taken to his official social media handle to celebrate his son 13 years birthday today.

Yemi Solade is a renowned veteran actor in the Nollywood Industry. He was formerly a lecturer. But quit his lecturing job to pursue a career in acting.

He Celebrates his Son birthday today and wrote some emotional words on his social media. Caption below :

Now that you’re a teenager, I’d like to say enjoy youth for all it has to offer. Relish these years and take your time charting your course to the adult you will one day become.

Celebrate being 13. Wherever you go, far or near, remember the excitement of this day, the possibility you feel. Hope and joy and kindness and love; these are my wishes for you.

You’ve entered the in-between years, a bridge from childhood to adulthood. You’ve come so far with so much more to learn and grow. I am more proud of you than you’ll ever know.


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