As one of the most anticipated days, generally believed to be a day to prove love, explore love and probably reaffirm love approaches, gospel film actress, Oluwabunmi Bamitale,who played the role of Kinkin Yun in Abejoye Mount Zion Movie Season 4 has issued a Stern warning to many who have plans to ‘paints the town red’ on Valentine’s day.

According to her,many altars are being prepared to annihilate the denstinies of gullible youths who might be trading their worth with goodies.She advised everyone to be wise,stand for what is right and be sensitive in the spirit to avoid being a victim of the devil’s plot.

She shared on her Instagram;Help! There’s fire on the mountain!🔥 Another Abbatoir is being prepared for February 14. This is not for animals but gullible people who have lost their identities.

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