Underage pregnancy more dangerous for girls than boys – Jide Kosoko

Veteran actor, Jide Kosoko, has said it is more cumbersome for parents to raise girls than it is for them to train boys.

He told Saturday Beats, “It is very tough to raise female children. It is even tougher when they are becoming teenagers. I do my best to make sure they live up to expectations, and I also talk to their mothers about giving them proper training meant for female children considering the fact that they are also women and they also went through those stages when they were younger.

Female children who are not properly raised are most likely to be found having sexual intercourse at a young age, and that is disastrous and calamitous for the nation.

Although some children could be very naughty and wayward despite efforts by their parents to make them better, parents need to continue putting in their best.”

He continued, “When it comes to boys, parents are always concerned about them being stubborn. However, experience has shown that stubbornness rarely stops them from becoming successful.

As a matter of fact, some of them use their stubbornness in a positive way.

They often times channel their stubbornness into a career path and they most times become successful.

However, for girls, the major danger is getting pregnant at the wrong time, especially when they are underage or when they cannot afford to cater for themselves.

Many young girls get carried away by the public display of wealth by men who have no good interest in them. Unfortunately, if a guy impregnates a girl and absconds or becomes a deadbeat (father), the girl would be left to bear the burden alone, and only providence would judge the boy.

But for girls, once they get pregnant at the wrong time, it would most likely affect their careers and entire lives.”

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