They Gave Portable Money & Fame But Ignored The Fact That He’s Ruined & Needs Help, Taiwo Alabi Says

A few hours ago popular content writer, Taiwo Alabi HO2 took to his verified Twitter page to share his opinion about the issues the fast-rising artist Portable best known as Zazoo Zeh seems to be having presently.

He, however, noted that people gave him a lot of money and fame but, they seem to forget tact that the musician needs help because he is distorted mentally.

According to him, he claims that the young star is into drugs and it appears ruined him as he concluded to say that he needs to be rehabilitated and not to be allowed to perform in shows.

Recall that the singer came to the limelight in his career and became a celebrity after he was connected to a famous rapper, Olamide, and dancer Pololee who feature in his hit song.

However, findings had it that he has since fallen out with his manager, Kogbagidi, and others and has now has a new boss.

Moreso, it seems like the young man is in trouble with a fellow he Identified as his former manager as he noted he was attacked by his boys during his birthday party yesterday.

He, however, revealed that this same person in question introduce him to join the cult and now he is threatening his life which seems to have generated a lot of mixed reactions.

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