There’s no gain in having children — Lady reveals (Video)

A video has surfaced online where a lady reveals that there is no gain in having children and by extension sparked a lot of reactions among netizens.

In the video, the Oyinbo lady explains that one thing she never see herself doing his having kids while stating that she has never wanted a kid in her life.

According to her, she never see any purpose of having kids as she stressed that being a parent is lose upon and never a win-win.

She admitted that giving birth to kids won’t bring millions of dollars into her account rather she would have to work harder in order to take care of them.

Speaking further, the Oyinbo lady uttered that she would have carry pregnancy for nine months, undergoes some pains while giving birth to the child and end up working again to feed the kids.

She further added that kids are cute but being a parent is permanent that requires working to take proper care of children and she doesn’t see any gain in having them.

Watch the video below;

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