Life is all about growth. Growing from the small kids we used to be into a full fledged adult. Every living thing in life grows with time, even animals. Just like we were taught stages of development, from egg to larva, then from pauper to adult. The adult we see today, was a baby or a kids many years ago. It’s natural, growth is constant. Many of our celebrities have at one point or the other shown photos of when they were small.

Just like this Nollywood actor, Ninolowo Bolanle is going us today. The picture u are about to see is our very own Nino 36 years ago. Wow, such a long period of time. He was still a little bit then. At that stage, he didn’t really know that he will become this successful and famous in life. I guess he was just bothered about biscuits and sweets then. Such is life.

As a small boy, Nino was still very handsome. Look clearly, even his chest region is somehow obvious the way it is now. Nino thought it wise today to share this picture with his fans and followers. It’s good to see how he was many years ago.

Take a look at his photos below:

Some of Fans’ reactions are shown below;

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