Terrible Leadership Has Made Nigerians Forget Politicians Are There To Serve The People – Mr Macaroni

Popular skit maker-cum-activist Debo Adedayo aka Mr Macaroni has opined that terrible leadership combined with sufferings on the part of Nigerians has made the people forget that politicians are in leadership positions to serve.

Mr Macaroni also explained why citizens should not appreciate politicians for doing their job. He illustrated how politicians take longer time to complete a project and still enrich themselves from it.

According to the 29-year-old skit maker, terrible leadership has propelled politicians into making weird statements involving animals embezzling billions of Naira. He tweeted:

“Politicians will manage to complete a project after embezzling billions and wasting so much time on it.

“Then ask us to bow at their feet in appreciation for finally doing the work they were elected to do.
Is it your money you used to do the Project???

“Nigerians have suffered so much from terrible leadership that we have forgotten that these politicians are there to serve the people.

They enrich themselves and offer us the barest minimum yet we should be thankful for that? May God deliver us from slavery.”

“In a country where Snakes, Monkeys, Termites and other Animals are embezzling billions.

How much are Humans now embezzling? But once our politicians sprinkle one or two projects here and there, we should forget all and start singing their praise. Who do us like this???.”

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