Stop the shades and comparison – Biodun Okeowo warn those comparing her daughter achievement against Iyabo Ojo’s daughter

Nigerian actress Biodun Okeowo has warned those comparing her daughter’s achievement against Iyabo Ojo’s daughter’s achievement.

Biodun Okeowo a few days ago celebrates her daughter’s birthday and she announce that her daughter acquired a new mansion at the of 18 years.

The same day, Iyabo Ojo also celebrates her daughter’s birthday and she announced that her daughter Priscilla Ojo launched her own mini handbag collection.

This has generated a lot of reactions online as fans of the duo’s achievement at the expense of their mother’s role in their life.

Correcting the social media users’ impression, that her daughter’s new house was a publicity stun to tension her colleagues and she not competing with anybody, Bidoun Okeowo wrote:

Good morning everyone. Thank you so much for the prayers, posts and gifts 🙏. They are not taken for granted.

We love you.
Ifeoluwa Is sending her greetings too!

Note to some some people saying the house is a publicity stunt and tensioning.
If you know me well I don’t tension people neither do i involve in publicity stunts…

This a prayer answered by God. So I owe Him a public testimony 🙌….

You all will be here to see how the house is being to put to use.

Rejoice with people when they celebrate and watch God bless you too 👍.

Stop the shades! And Please stop the comparison too. I beg you all 🙏🙏🙏!

Love lives here ❤️👍.

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