Son of veteran actor Big Abass celebrate father 71st birthday

Son of veteran actor Big Abass celebrate father 71st birthday

Tolu Ajiboye, the son of veteran actor Tolu Ajiboye Ade Ajiboye is popularly known as Big Abass is celebrating his father’s 71st birthday.

Tolu Ajiboye who is a filmmaker took to social media to celebrate his father who is a friend, teacher, mentor, and role model to him.

Tolu Ajiboye stated that he will choose again a father he has the chance, he urge his fan to celebrate his father and appreciate his efforts since the beginning of movie-making in Nigeria.

Happy 71st Birthday to my Father, my Guardian, my Friend, my Teacher, my Mentor, my Role Model, my go @officialbigabass
Daddy I will choose you over again if I’m chanced, you never had it all but you gave it all, you’re a great listener, you’d rather listen more than talk more, you’re always careful of your words so as not to break me (regardless that I’m your son), you’re so respectful, humble, jovial, hardworking, funny, lively, and to crown it all, you’re VERY VERY CONTENTED with whatever you have, that’s a whole lot! Apart from you being my father, if I am to choose a boss in the movie industry, I’d still choose you, your level or creativity is second to none, since those days of manual effect, cut-shoot, video to video editing and all, up till date, you’re still updated and operating, and I’m still learning.

Let me save this epistle to the day I’ll say it on stage, I front of so many people, with joy and you watching and smiling, being proud of what I’d become, I specially celebrate you today because up till this date, God has blessed you with what we all take for granted (GOOD HEALTH), this year makes it your 52 years of being a film maker and there has never been any course to raise an emergency money for you over Illness or any bad thing, truly it is worth celebrating, heavens know how happy I am typing this, what I actually wished I could give you today is currently beyond my capacity but I am still hoping for miracle sha, cos truly you don try, I wish I could gift you a car today, but God knows best sha…

Guys, please help me celebrate this man right here if truly you love me (and appreciate his efforts since t he beginning of movie making in Nigeria)…

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