‘Sometimes filmmakers struggle to know what audience really want’ Actor Muyiwa Ademola spills

Nollywood actor Muyiwa Ademola has revealed the challenges in making good movies and difficulty in pleasing the audience.

In the post shared on Instagram, Muyiwa Ademola said that filmmakers sometimes struggle to know what the audience really want from them as their job depends on God and the audience.

Muyiwa Ademola said many people had told them to make comedy films at the cinemas and other platforms. Still, many Nollywood stars do not see comedy stories as their calling, and some people in the bid to produce comedy movies burnt their fingers, and they got it wrong.

According to the actor, it’s unfortunate that the current generation no longer wants serious movies but simpler, lighter and 100% comedy movies.

She wrote: I beg you in the name of GOD, pls read till end! Sometimes as filmmakers we struggle to know what you our darling audience really want from us. Our job is the one in which our success depends on God and you; your acceptance of what we do.

In the recent times, we were told you only want comedy films at the cinemas and other platforms.
Some of us do not see comedy stories as our calling or what we should give you all the time, a few in the bid to give you comedy at all cost got their fingers burnt, they got it totally wrong!

In as much as it is good to give you what you want always as a writer/producer it shouldn’t take away the fact that we have our comfort zones. Though as an actor I would give you anything you want, be it serious role or comical, I can seriously make you laugh walahi.

But as a writer/producer/director, humbly put you surely know where my ink is more blessed. The few that have seen GBARADA would bear me witnesses that we can still dig deep.

People ask me all the time that they want stories like IYONU OLORUN, OGO OSUPA, ORI, ILE, ALAPADUPE, OMI AANU, OWO OKUTA… GBARADA but I do feel like this generation don’t want it. They seems to prefer something simpler, lighter and 100% comical. I stand to be corrected though. Please, What do you really want? I NEED TO KNOW! PLEASE CONTRIBUTE!!

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