Kazeem Abimbola Ibrahim is a popular actor in the Nigeria Nollywood and Yoruba film industry. He is also involved in some part time comedy skits production. He is the originator of the hit slang, “Sho Mo Age Mi Ni”. He has once being involved in the Music Industry as a Singer but later resolved into acting and comedy. He is usually found posting funny contents on various social media platforms.

The versatile actor has been able to produce and also feature many actors and actresses in various movies. He is popularly referred to as “Jigan Babaoja” due to his limped leg which he personally narrated occurred as a result of wrong treatment by a nurse when he was sick at childhood. This distortment in his leg has earned him his fame as an artiste.

The actor was however seen according to his recent Instagram post where he screenshot a message he sent to a renowned British and Nigerian Boxer, Anthony Joshua asking his hand in a fight.

This has resulted in a lot of reactions from fans and followers as many compared him with an ant willing to fight an elephant.

See some of the reactions below: 

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