‘Shut up and grow up’ Actor Deyemi Okanlawon knocks a fan who says, celebrities do not give people a chance to prove themselves

Nollywood actress Deyemi Okanlawon has knocked a fan with an entitlement mentality and claims that Nigerian celebrities do not give others a chance to prove themselves.

The fan who made the statement expressed displeasure over the trend stating it is sad.

Responding to the fan, Deyemi Okanlawon shut the fan up and urged him to grow up, saying that those in the limelight are not responsible for the circumstances of those who are still struggling to come to the spotlight.

Deyemi added that no human is God, and people should grow up and have common sense, which he attributed to that many of his fans have in common with him. See the conversation below:

The fan wrote: @deyemitheactor but you people don’t really give others a chance to prove themselves. So sad.

Deyemi wrote: Actually I’m not catching cruise her at all…Some people really need to hear the truth to grow up! Talking about ‘You people don’t give others chance’…

Like those have striven to succeed are responsible for the circumstances of those who have? like any human is a God to another??? Pls we should all grow up and receive common sense.. which btw is the trait everyone who truly is a fan of mine has in common with me! Good night.

If I didn’t care enough to address this I would have blocked you…I chose to shock you with truth regardless of whether you like me or not.. my only hope is that it works.

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