Babies are the pride of their mothers. They give mothers a special kind of joy when they are growing in God’s love and good health. This is because it’s one thing to be born, and it’s another thing for one to grow up in a sound manner. Ruth Kadiri’s baby, “Reign” is really going towards that direction. She is grown now and looks more like the mother. Infact, I can even call her Ruth Kadiri junior. Funny right?

How time flies, Ruth’s baby is no longer that little baby we used to see in the past months. She is grown now as can be seen from the pictures shared by Ruth on her Instagram page. Ruth is one of those actresses that likes flaunting her babies pictures online.

Even during the festive season, we saw her baby rocking Christmas outfit. Baby Reign is really making her mother proud.

Today again, Ruth is letting her fans know that her baby is really growing as fast as she can. This is good news. She is even holding a bag, who knows where she is off to. It could be school or party. Babies are quite fun to be with. We pray that Reign will continue to grow in God’s love and happiness.

Take a look at her photos below:

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