Fair skinned actress, Mosun Filani Oduoye has joined the band wagon of celebrities who are tired of so much body fat and are getting rid of it.

The mother of two is now looking all glam and slim. She is even looking more beautiful than when she was on the chubby side. Not that she was over weight or obese before now.

Guess she just wanted to stay in tune with fashion coupled with the fact that she is now into beauty business, she has to look what she preach. As a beauty therapist, the best way to tell her fans and clients that her products are effective and potent most especially the weight loss products is by losing weight, just as the saying goes, seeing is believing.

This is not the first time that celebrities would undergo such transformation in their weight, some started the journey and later abandoned the quest.

Born in Ibadan, Oyo state. She started acting in 2005 majoring mostly in the Yoruba genre of the industry. She has also featured in popular Tv series, Jenifa. The actress however took a break from acting after his marriage to Kayode Oduoye, a lawyer cum politician in 2012. She started featuring in movies again in 2015.

Losing weight is good but having the determination to stick to it is the best. Most people start the journey and stop half thereby regaining all the weight they have lost again.

Focus, determination and persistence are needed to keep moving no matter how hard it might be.

See her before and after pictures

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