Sanyeri Is My Childhood Friend, We Faced A lot Of Challenges Together Before The Fame- Kamilu Kompo opens up, reveals how they work as shoe maker, work at local bakery and much more

Nigerian movie lovers especially the Yoruba movie addicts knows it is a fun filled and hilarious movie when the duo of Adekola Tijani “Kamilu Kompo” and Olaniyi Afonja “Sanyeri” both team up to take part in any movie drama.

The two movie comedians knows how to do their job which mainly deals with how to make people laugh. To be honest in one’s assessment the combination of Kamilu Kompo and Sanyeri is bound to add spice, life and comic relief even to a sad or tragic movie.

Although a lot of people knows that these two actors act movies together, a lot but not many knows that they are childhood friends and contrary to the opinion that everything was all bliss, the two actors have had to suffer and do menial jobs before they can gain their breakthrough in the movie industry.The actors who started acting back then together in Oyo state took the decision to take their career to another level by relocating back to Lagos, upon returning to Lagos they stayed at Ijora.

It was at Ijora that they then made the attempt to join different theatre group. They finally joined Agba Jalingo’s group where they learnt acting and various processes for 5 years. Before they could even venture into movie at all they had to do menial jobs to survive in the harsh Nigerian society. while Adekola Tijani was a baker who worked at a local bakery, Olaniyi Afonja worked as a cobbler repairing shoes and footwears for money.While the Movie “Kamilu Kompo” shot Adekola Tijani into limelight for sanyeri, “Opa Kan” a movie with so much hilarious scenes was the break needed by the promising comic actor.

The two movie actors have thus gone ahead to feature together in numerous Yoruba movies among which include “Muniru ati Ambali”, “Kosewe Kosegbo”, “Ire”, “Alakori Meji”, “Labalaba”, “Fila Esu” and a host of other movies.

Till today, the friendship between the duo continues to grow deeper and stronger as this acan be clearly seen in the way they support each other and are seen attending different occasions and gatherings together.

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