“Recent Pictures of Bayo Bankole (Boy Alinko) He’s 53 years old but look more younger”

Good day, everyone! I hope you’ve been enjoying my articles, and I’m back with another one. In this piece, I’d like to present some current photos of Nigerian legendary actor Boy Alinko.

Bayo Bankole, better known by his stage name Boy Alinko, is a Nigerian actor, filmmaker, and event planner. He began acting in the 1990s and has been in a number of Nollywood films, including Ilu American, Owoblow, Yankee Lowokan, Eda, and others. He was well-known for his portrayal as Boy Alinko in the animated television series Papa Ajasco.
If you aren’t one of the indomie kids, you may recall the popular television show Papa Ajasco.

Papa Ajasco is a Nigerian family television show that premiered in 1996 and was produced by Wale Adenuga. This show is based on the Ikebe Super comic book. Papa Ajasco, his wife Mama Ajasco, their naughty son Bobo Ajasco, the local playboy we’re talking about Boy Alinco, Miss Pepeiye, and the uneducated Pa James and Pa Jimoh are among the prominent characters. Papa Ajasco was the most popular Nigerian comedy series at the time, with episodes broadcast weekly in twelve African nations. Ghana, Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Guinea, and more countries fall into this category.

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