When it is your appointed time to shine, there is nobody on earth that can hinder you. God’s grace over humanity is uncountable and people should be grateful to Him for their achievements. This story is a touching one as a person who the society thought she cannot make impact, has become someone who top personalities want to associate with. This is an emotional grass to grace story of Ikorodu Celebrity Aunty Ramota.

In a recent post, Aunty Ramota has shared a new development in her life on her official Instagram page. Aunty Ramota, who is believed not to be educated, was seen learning how to write her name, ‘Ramota’. She was spotted in the video gently writing the letters of her name in a paper. This is really a good improvement on the part of her management.

Watch the video below;

Aunty Ramota is a fast-rising celebrity in the Nigerian Entertainment Industry. She came into spotlight after her videos of her interaction with people went viral online. Aunty Ramota was seen several times having issues with people as they try to play with her. She attracted many people’s interest because of her small stature compared to her old age. Her physique and nature has made people to cheat Aunty Ramota several times which made her to get angry sometimes. These viral videos have made some Nigerian celebrities to feature Aunty Ramota in their movies and comedy skits for wider coverage. Aunty Ramota has been seen recently living the best of her life as she is now getting different jobs as an influencer and several other features.

Some fans of Aunty Ramota have commented on this latest development under the recent post. It may interest you to see some of them below:

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