“Reactions as Singer Simi takes a drastic step to take a nap away from her daughter” (Video)

Simi has taken the dramatic step of taking a nap away from her baby, Adejare, indicating that motherhood is wearing her down.
Nurturing a child requires many sacrifices and is exhausting, particularly for a working-class mother like Simi, who was caught on a video hiding from her daughter to take a sleep.

As she sipped her wine behind the sitting room chair in the video shared on her Instagram story, she hid from her daughter and the unnecessary troubles she would bring.

She confesses that a five-star hotel is overrated in comparison to the back of the chair she is hiding in at the time, while sipping her wine and minding her own business.

In response to the post, many Nigerians, particularly moms who are currently or have been in similar situations, revealed their hiding places in the comments section.

Watch the video below;

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