Reactions as Bobrisky begs for money online after birthday flop

It is a hard time for self acclaimed Nigerian big girl and crossdresser, Bobrisky as he stylishly begs online.

The crossdresser who was embarrassed on social media for his flopped birthday party, took to his Snapchat account to beg for money.

Bobrisky questioned those who claim to love him.

He asked if he should send his account details to those who promised him birthday gifts.

“Those of you shouting you love me where is my birthday gift? Should I paste account details”.

Nigerians took to the comment section to mock him.

frau_favour: Ah Sapa

mide103180: Sapa is that you

_gwen24: Asin ehh uncle bibs birthday quiet wetin happen ni

vicozoh: Sapa don hold senior man

realmaxwell_1: This year birthday is low key

finest_bosschick: Sapa birthday was a total mess eyaaaaa! People knows your tactics already…all man japa. E choke

miss__ake: The Sapa is everywhere nau

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