Reaction As Yoruba Actor Odunlade Adekola Refused To Kiss His Bride In On Movie Set (Video)

For all single ladies, May we not be unfortunate to marry someone who doesn’t love us or behaves the way Odunlade Adekola acts towards his bride-to-be in an upcoming Movie produced by “Oluwo Atefini”.

His Reaction has triggered alot of funny comment on Instagram.

The video goes like this: Odunlade Adekola and the bride were spotted in the video putting on their wedding costume and Odunlade Adekola was frowning his face and staring badly at the bride, immediately the pastor said “You may kiss your bride”, he replied “uhhmm” the pastor repeated it again he gave same reply then now reluctantly move closer to the bride then Pastor repeated his statement again”You may kiss your bride” he then replied in Yoruba “Eni ki ohun naa kiss mi” meaning: Tell her too to kiss me First.

The bride had to drag him then he hits (collided) his head with the bride’s own with one funny moves pretending to kiss the bride, Then they clapped for them.

Watch the video below;

See some of the comments below;

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