Portable Puts Laughter On Dayo Amusa’s Face After Telling Her The Thing He Discovered In Dubai

Nigerian musician, Portable Omolalomi makes actress, Dayo Amusa laugh out loud after revealing to her what he discovered in Dubai.

The actress took to her Instagram page to share a video of when she met Portable at Desert Safari in Dubai. They both were having a discussion when portable said that he discovered that the Sango in Dubai is fake and that he uses kerosene to bring out fire from his mouth. That he went to ask the person how comes he could bring out fire from his mouth, that the person revealed to him that he is using kerosene.

Sango is one of the ancestral fathers and Orishas of the Yorubas. It is believed that he is the god of Thunder, Lightning, and Electricity. He naturally controls the mentioned and could use them at any time.

Portable probably met those who play with fire. He felt theirs’ is fake compared to the god of thunder. Dayo Amusa on hearing it kept on laughing.

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