Popular Nigerian Comedian Mark Angel Celebrates His 30th Birthday Today (photos)

Popular YouTube comedian Mark Angel used his Instagram account to narrate how he managed to escape from his babe when she refused to let him go out this morning, even after he had taken the pictures that she requested for him with her. When two people have grown accustomed to each other, whether in a romantic or non-romantic relationship, the ladies, in particular, will do everything in their power to keep the man around them, regardless of how important the event he has scheduled may be.

Mark Angel revealed that he had already ordered a taxi and the driver was already waiting for him outside, so they could leave, but his babe refused that he must leave unless he took pictures with her. He stated further that he tried doing her bidding but she seemed not to be satisfied with all the pictures they’d taken together, irrespective of his pleas, capped with the fact that he’d already spent about 28 minutes and it didn’t seem like he was going to leave anytime soon, so he thought of another means to make her send him away.

Running away was far from the option available to him, so he decided to start a funny dance, of which he shared the video online. In his words, while laughing with emoji, “it was just 2 seconds that she used in chasing me out of that vicinity.”

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